Because of community building and marketing capabilities, business blogging is becoming more popular than ever. A blog can be an effective tool for sharing information and expertise. A blog offers your small business a chance to build a sense of community. Blogs make it easy and quick for people to post, comment and update posts, making it easy for everyone to participate.

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool. A well-maintained blog does three important things for a small business website.

  • Attracts more traffic to your website since there is always fresh content on the site (if you update the content frequently)
  • Establish a relationship with visitors and build a climate of trust. Potential customers get to know more about you and your small business through your blog
  • Blogs are search engine friendly – Search engines like the chronicle structure and dynamic nature of blogs

It is a smart choice for small businesses to integrate a blogs into their website to develop an interactive community around their products and services and find new customers via the search engines.

Adding a blog into your small business website will definitely improve your search engine optimization

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, favor fresh content from your blog, which means, if you periodically/consistently updating your blog, you will get more free traffic from search engines.

SmallBiz Web Design utilizes this blog to provide more value-added information to help small business owners develop their online strategies.

Most of our custom web design and hosting packages include a Blog component. Based on the nature of your business, you can also easily transfer a blog into an news page or a knowledge base for your small business website.