Affordable, Professional, Simple


We understand the needs & challenges of small business

Affordable, Professional, Simple


Cost-effective does not mean compromising on quality at all

Sell Products On Your Website


We provide everything you need to run an effective online store

Social Media Management


Cost-effective does not mean compromising on quality at all

Why Choose Us?

We’re not only web designers, we’re also marketing advisers. We will help you grow your business by creating a simple but effective online presence that is appealing to your target clients, at an affordable price.

Search Engine Friendly

We’ll give you the tools to customise your Search Engine Optimising (SEO) and support you so your page ranks higher in search engines such as Google.  75% of people never look past the first page of search engine results so it’s a task you can’t ignore.

Small Business Focus

Beautifully designed websites at a fraction of the cost that a big design firm will charge you. You’re a start-up; you’re family owned and run; you’re a one-man shop. You need a website but you don’t want to go into debt to get one.

Social Media

Visitors to your website will be able to share, like, follow, visit and read your Social Media content across various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.; thereby driving inbound marketing to your website.

Responsive Design

We know that your website needs to be readable on all devices while still allowing visitors to share your web pages. No matter how you view your website, it is going to look perfect on every device.

Websites You can Update

Our websites incorporate an easy to use Content Management System (CMS).  So you will have full control over every page, post, picture and product on your website.  But if you get stuck we’re always right here ready to help!

SPECIAL February Promotion for Small Business

A basic professional brochure-style website ($680)

A premium professional brochure-style website with a blog, photo gallery and event calendar ($928)

A premium professional eCommerce website with a shopping cart to sell your products online ($1,286)

You are only responsible for providing us the text, images and logo to put on the new website.


All Packages above also include the first year web hosting, business email & domain registration fee.

After one year, it’s only $150/year (=$12.5/month).


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Versatile Feature Options

We will help you choose the right ones to best market your business online.

Additional cost might apply.


Responsive Web Design


Online Applications


Social Media Sharing


Search Engine Optimization


Content Management System


Blog Component


Photo Gallery


Newsletter Signup


Online Shopping Cart


Appointment Booking


Online Contact Forms


Event Calendar

Responsive Websites Rank Higher in Search Results

Responsive websites mean mobile-friendly websites.  We will make sure that your website looks great on all screen sizes in all devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Lines of Code

Awesome Websites

Satisfied Clients

Relationships Built

Building a website has never been so fun.

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