social mediaWe always encourage our small business clients use Facebook as an effective social media platform to promote their products or services. The question is, how to take advantage of Facebook, the most popular free social media site?

The key is to attract and engage your existing and potential clients with your conversation.

  1. Share your expertise, tips and tricks with your audience

    For example, since we are web designers and internet marketing experts, we share tips and tricks on web design, SEO and domain registration, etc. on our Facebook page; If you are an financial adviser, you can share how to to make a simple finical plan with your clients.

  2. Share helpful links from other websites

    If you find any interesting content that might be of any help to your clients, share the link it on your Facebook page. People appreciate that and will come back for more.

  3. Ask feedback or testimonials from your clients

    You can use Facebook to collect feedback from your clients about how you like your products and services. This is an effective way to test your products. You can reward those who provide valuable feedback with free shipping or free sample, etc.

  4. Share photos of your products/projects

    A photo sometimes is worth more than a thousand words. Like a website, Facebook page also needs visual elements – it’s simply more appealing to your audience. Of course, only post those photos that are relevant to your products, services or projects.

  5. Buy Facebook Ads

    This would be an option for small business who has some extra budget for marketing. Before you consider this option carefully evaluate your target clients and Return on Investment (ROI).

When it comes to social media, be creative. Anything that can bring value to your prospects and your business, is worth an experiment. Tweak with different methods and find the one works best for your small business.

Do you have any tips on how to utilize Facebook to promote your own products or services? Click the “Comment” link below to to share it with us. Thank you!