By now you understand the importance of blogging for your small business. Most people find it challenging to fine the topics or ideas to blog about. We were asked by many clients about this questions – what can I blog about? We are also facing the same issue from time to time. Below we summarize a list of business blogging ideas that might help you come up with more creative ideas for your blog.

1. Share your expertise with your clients

By shearing your expertise, you become the helpful resource.  If you are an financial planner, you can share with your client on how to lower your tax by investing wisely on your business; if you are providing computer tech support, you might want to share some tips and tricks on how to make your computer run faster, etc. For us, we always share some web design and internet marketing related tips with our clients, such as:<

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    2. Product/Service Reviews

    Are you selling a new product or promoting a new service? Write a details review and share it with your clients on your blog. Describe the features, specifications, photos, benefits and advantages of this product/service.

    3. Case Studies

    Have you helped your clients resolved their issues by providing awesome solutions? Write a case study, describe client’s challenges faced, your solution and the end result. We are preparing a few case studies to showcase how we help small business owners resolve their online marketing concerns so that they can focus on developing their business.

    4. Client Testimonials

    Whenever a client sends you a nice testimonial, share it on your blog and thank your client for their kind support. In the meantime encourage other clients to write you a testimonial as well. 🙂

    5. News or Regulation Related to Your Small Business

    From time to time, we will share some news from Google about their search engine algorithm updates; we also share some small business related news since our target clients are small business owners. If you are a computer consultant, you can write a post if there is a new virus spreading to warn your clients.

    6. Pictures

    People love seeing photos. People share photos more than anything else. If you have a photo of your new products,  from an industry exhibition, a seminar, networking event, etc. Share it on your blog.

    7. Funny Cartoons

    Make people think and laugh – share funny but thoughtful cartoons from other sites.

    8. Run an Online Survey

    For example, if you wan to find out what your clients like or don’t like most about your products/services so that you can improve it, run an online survey to get the answer.

    9. Create a List of Something Helpful or Interesting

    For example, as you are reading, we are writing a list of 10 business blogging ideas to share with you! You can also dig into your clients’ questions and create your own list.

    10. Guest Blog Posts

    If you are running out of your blogging ideas, ask your strategic business partners to write something about their services/products that might be helpful for your clients. By doing so, you are helping your business partners as well as providing valuable information for your clients.

Hope this list of business blogging ideas inspires your blogging. Would you like to share your blogging ideas? Feel free to click the comment link below to share with us. Thank you!

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